How an Oscar Nominee Make a Commercial

You don’t see a lot of commercials directed by Oscar nominees.

But if a new Procter & Gamble ad is any indication, TV would be a whole lot better if you did.

The spot, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, is, like his 2010 film, Biutiful.

Iñárritu, who earned a best director and best picture Oscar nomination for the 2006 Babel, doesn’t deliver some old detergent commercial. Rather, he presents viewers an ad called “The Best Job,” a gorgeous, cinematic love letter to mothers.

Check it out here.

– Joshua L. Weinstein


FilmFunds Exclusive Part 2: Jane Seymour talks indie films, Missi Pyle rocks out and more…

Blog By: Ellice Soliven

Yesterday we brought you exclusive looks from the Pre-Oscar party we attended with insights from Nick Krause (The Descendants), Bai Ling, Jane Seymour, Demian Bichir (A Better Life), Ken Davitian (The Artist) and Missi Pyle (The Artist).

Today we have the second part of our interview with Jane Seymour where she talks independent films. Jane currently has three projects in line, all independent films, and she tells us that “when there is a great script” she feels like she is back to when she started. Ultimately she explains that it is about telling a “great story.”

See Jane talk independent movie-making and what she loves about it, in this FilmFunds exclusive…

We also got a chance to talk to Michael Barnathan, one of the producers from The Help. He gives us a glimpse into what it was like filming the Best Picture nominee on location in Mississippi with his wonderful cast of actresses. Check it out here:

Finally we got to chat with Missi Pyle, star of Best Picture nominee The Artist. Not only does she have a few movie projects in the works, but she has a few bands on the side as well! The rockstar tells us a little bit about them here:

Thanks for checking out our FilmFunds exclusive from The Wrap’s Pre-Oscar party! There’s one more day til the Oscars, and we are so excited! Can you feel the anticipation??

Happy Oscar Weekend everyone!

The Mix-Up: “Dictator” at the Oscars, Britney Spears on “X-Factor” and more…

Blog By: Armando Tinoco

“Dictator” Might Show Up At the Oscars
Sacha Baron Cohen, best known for his characters Borat and Bruno, wants to attend the Academy Awards as his new character from his upcoming movie, The Dictator.

The Oscars are known for being classy and glamorous; It is the most prestigious award in movies and having Cohen trying to capture attention for himself would definitely damper the ceremony. This is not the first time the actor goes in to an awards show as one of his characters, as he has appeared in full character multiple times at the MTV Video Music Awards. Of course, the MTV awards are known for being irreverent and much more “fun” where these type of actions are not frowned upon, but encouraged.

It will be interesting if the Academy lets Cohen do his little stint and more interesting if we find out this was exactly what The Dictator’s publicist wanted – to get some media attention. Well we are talking about it, right?

The Dictator

Conan O’Brien Will Continue On Late-Night
It was recently announced that Conan O’Brien will be continuing his late-night talk show as TBS has extended his contract through April 2014. Conan is not the leader of the talk show pack as he is consistently outdrawn by Leno, Letterman, Ferguson, Fallon and cable rivals Stewart and Colbert.

TBS spins it by saying that Conan continues to experience audience growth and has a young audience following. We miss Comic the Insult Dog and Conando. When are they coming back?

Conan O'Brien

Britney Spears is interested in The X-Factor
It is rumored that Britney Spears is interested in being one of the mentors for the second season of The X-Factor. Britney joins the rumor-mill along with Janet Jackson and Fergie who have been attached to be part of the judging panel.

We missed the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera brawls of their heyday. You know if Spears joins, even though they wouldn’t be comparing directly with The Voice, people will be putting them against each other and see whose singing competition show has bigger ratings.

Britney Spears

Ryan Phillippe will not be a “Golden Boy”
Ryan Phillippe had been cast as the leading character of a new CBS pilot named Golden Boy. Now Deadline reports that less than 2 weeks that Phillippe had committed to the series, he has pulled out of the commitment.

Ryan is currently filming a story arc on the final season of Damages and it seems that the arduous work hours has taken a toll on the actor. No other actors have been named to take his place on the new series.

Ryan Phillippe

New James Franco Movie: Cherry
Take a look at the trailer of Cherry, starring James Franco, Ashley Hinshaw and Heather Graham.

The story is about a sweet young girl who makes her way into the porn industry.

The Mix-Up: Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunite, Oscar Countdown, James Bond Sneak Peek, Oh and a Frankenweenie

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick

RiRi and Brown Remixes Get Mixed Reactions…

First off Happy 24th Birthday Rihanna! Her gift to us: two new remixes with Chris Brown that were released last night on….her birthday. The first song is “Birthday Cake”—clever PR—off her Talk that Talk album and the second is off Brown’s Fortune album, “Turn Up the Music.”

These remixes have been the hot topic of convo and controversy given the duo’s sketchy history. Some say Rihanna has the right to live her own life and do what makes her happy, regardless of being in the public spotlight. They are happy she and Chris have put the past behind them and let the music come first.

However, others believe RiRi is just too big a role model to make a song with the man who savagely beat her. They say that by collaborating with Chris, it tells girls it’s OK to go back to someone who abuses you. What do you guys think? Bad morals or just plain good music?

Oscar Update…

With only 5 more days left til red carpet madness, Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell join the long list of A-list celebs to present at the Oscars. It’ll be Zach’s first time at the awards show. The two just wrapped up filming on the comedy The Campaign….Hope they bring a little comic relief to the black tie event on Sunday.

James Bond Behind the Scenes…

The new 007 film Skyfall doesn’t come out til November but director Sam Mendes is releasing his first behind the scenes video blog tomorrow to tease eager fans. It’ll be the first released footage from the film. Up until now, die-hard Bond watchers have had to live vicariously through still photographs like this one with Judi Dench:

That’s Mendes with the coffee cup, staring over Dench’s shoulder. It makes sense she’s the center of the pic as agent M is one of the main characters in Skyfall. Other stars in the film are Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Helen McCroy, Naomie Harris and Albert Finney, oh and Daniel Craig.

Frankenweenie Poster Revealed…

Walt Disney Pictures gave away the first glimpse of what Tim Burton’s next film will look like. That’s right, Frankenweenie, Burton’s remake of his 1984 live-action film, will now be a stop-motion animated picture. The film’s poster was released today, and needless to say, it looks quite spooky and cool. Frankenweenie hits theatres on October 5th and features the voices of Winona Ryder, Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan, Atticus Shaffer, Robert Capron and Conchata Ferrell.

The Mix-Up: Lindsay Lohan hosts SNL, Writers Guild Awards, and more…

Blog By: Elaine Sandoval

Lindsay Lohan to host SNL…

Yes, you read that right! Lindsay Lohan will be making her first appearance on the show since 2006. Lohan talked to “father figure” and executive producer Lorne Michaels and set the date for March 3. Sounds great, but the question is: Will America tune in to watch the show, or to watch Lohan TRY and make a comeback? This should be interesting.
Oh Lindsay, how we’ve truly missed you… Or have we?

Writers Guild Awards!

Whether you watched the awards or not, let us fill you in on some of the highlights! Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris won for Best Original Screenplay, while The Descendants took home the award for Best Adapted Screenplay. As for television, the writing staff for Modern Family won for comedy series and Breaking Bad for drama series. Homeland took the WGA for writing on a new series while The Colbert Report won for comedy/variety series.

And ANOTHER Hollywood star presents at the Oscars…

Every day the list of presenters for the Oscars grows longer and longer. Mr. Michael Douglas has been added to the list alongside Ben Stiller, Emma Stone, and plenty more.

Elton John cancels show after food poisoning…

“Benny and the Jets” singer Elton John caught food poisoning and was forced to cancel his show. He was set to perform over the weekend at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, but sadly couldn’t. Reps say he’s doing much better and should be able to make his show in Guadalajara, Mexico on Feb. 24.
Get well “Tiny Dancer”…

Chris Tucker owes $12 million in taxes!

Oh dear, it seems like Chris Tucker and Uncle Sam have some catching up to do! According to TMZ, Tucker owes federal taxes from 2001, 2002, and 2004 through 2006 which adds up to $11,571,909.26. The state of Georgia also wants in, adding a couple thousand more dollars for 2007. Final total? $12,164,504.08!
Not too bad huh?

The Mix-Up: It’s the Weekend!

Blog by: Elaine Sandoval

Happy Friday!

Adele has a sex tape? Mmm, we think NOT…

According to the French tabloid Public, the multiple Grammy winner has a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend. Although Adele’s people have denied it, the singer decided to take matter into her own hands and take legal actions. Looks like this French tabloid will think twice about messing with Adele.
You go girl!

Kermit and Miss Piggy to present at Oscars!

Despite the multiple petitions trying to get the Muppets to perform at the Oscars, it was sadly a thumbs down. On a lighter note, the fabulous Miss Piggy and handsome Kermit the Frog will be presenting awards. Also joining the previous presenters will be the hilarious Ms. Tina Fey.

It’s the freakin’ weekend…and the movie theatres will definitely be the place to be!

Movies like Ghostrider, This Means War, Safe House, The Vow and Chronicle will definitely catch us peeps buying a ticket! What other way to spend your weekend than by enjoying a movie? Whether you’re watching sexy Chris Pine and steamy Tom Ford fighting for America’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon, or on the edge of your seats watching Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in the action-packed film Safe House – enjoying a movie with friends/a significant other/or even solo never hurt anyone. Right?

Whitney Houston’s wake set for Friday night…

Despite Whitney Houston’s funeral planned for Saturday, multiple fans and family members are preparing a private wake set for tonight. The singer’s wake is set to be at Whigham Funeral Home and Newark’s New Hope Baptist Church. Fans and family members will be able to express their love for Houston away from the cameras.
Aside from the private wake, E! is set to air a special report, “Whitney Houston: The Funeral” starting at 11:30a.m ET/8:30am PT tomorrow.
Will you be tuning in?

Rihanna? Chris Brown? Collaboration?

Lately, rumors have been swarming around, claiming RiRi and Chris Brown will be collaborating for a remix of her song “Birthday Cake.” According to The Hollywood Gossip, the rumors are… well rumors, and not true.
Sorry Chris Brown, looks like you won’t be getting any closer to Rihanna and her “Birthday Cake.”

Nick Cannon quits radio show due to poor health…

New York radio show host and actor Nick Cannon calls it quits and for a good reason! According to Cannon, he has ended the show due to having multiple blood clots in his lungs. Ouch! Although his radio show will be missed, Cannon will be taking a break and getting the rest he needs.
Get Well soon!

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick

Happy Valentine’s Day Hollywood!

This day can be the happiest or the most depressing day of the year and we’ve created a list of top films with happy endings AND sad endings…so whether you snuggle up on the couch with your lover or get acquainted with a bottle of vino and a box of chocolate to yourself, enjoy!

Top 5 Happily Ever Afters:

1. Ever After

2. It Happened One Night

3. Shakespeare in Love

4. Amelie

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

Top 5 Tear Jerkers (but beautiful nonetheless):

1. Titanic

2. Gone With the Wind

3. Romeo + Juliet

4. Moulin Rouge

5. 500 Days of Summer

Honest Abe a Vampire?…

Tim Burton’s next producing credit will go to “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” the story of our nation’s 16th president as a vampire killer. True Blood much? What will Hollywood think of next?! But, the film that is based on Seth Grahame-Smith’s recent novel is hitting it big with historians who say the film pays attention to fact and detail, despite its wacky fantasy elements. Benjamin Walker plays Abe, but you’ll have to wait until June 22nd to see him slay some vamps.

Check out the official trailer 20th Centruy Fox released yesterday:

Remaking Hollywood….

Just after Dreamworks announced last week they are remaking Hitchcock’s classic Rebecca, Paramount revealed today they are keeping up with the studio competition. The studio plans to remake another one of Hitchcock’s great films, Suspicion. No stars announced yet.

Do you think they can really top Cary Grant though? Perhaps George Clooney

Retelling Hollywood…

Guillermo del Toro signs on as director for Beauty, the retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Emma Watson is set to star; Wonder if she can make the transition from Hermione to Belle. You know del Toro from fantasy tales like Pans Labyrinth and Hellboy.

And new Hollywood…

Bradley Cooper and Cameron Diaz join the list of A-list stars presenting at the 84th Oscars on February 26th. Others on the long list to grace the stage at the Kodak Theatre are Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez,  Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Tom Hanks.

Ugh, can we sneak in?