The Mix-Up: 21 Jump Street ranks in big, Snow White art in L.A. and Matthew Lillard’s winning film

Blog By: Elaine Sandoval


21 Jump Street takes over

Rated-R film 21 Jump Street debuted Friday and is already a hit. The film ranked in an amazing $13.1 million just on its opening day. If the movie continues to do this great, it’s expected to rank in $34-36 million its opening weekend.

LA gets a taste of Snow White

With two films coming out based on the Disney princess, Camille Rose Garcia gives L.A. a taste of Snow White. Garcia displayed her art Thursday night at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles. Although Garcia’s dark portrayal of Snow White may be different from what we remember as a child, we certainly are intrigued! Camille’s Snow White art can be seen on the streets of L.A. as well as in her new illustrated book of the Brothers Grimm fairytale, Snow White.

If you’re in the area, make sure to check out more of Garcia’s work at the Michael Kohn Gallery, 8071 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Fat Kid Rules The World wins

Fat Kid Rules The World, Matthew Lillard’s adaptation of K.L. Going’s novel, wins at SWSW 2012 in Narrative Feauture Spotlight category. The film gives the audience a glimpse into the life of an overweight teen.

Check out the trailer here:


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